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Been sacked? Not been paid? Your apartment isn't big enough for a hobbit?.....What now?
If you haven't the time or money to go to court and the Labor Board aren't as useful as you'd hoped. There's really only a handful of things left to do. Here are your options:

A. Take it all out on this stress relief fish DOWNLOAD HERE

B.  Order takeaway from every flyer you have had stuck to your door to the said hagwon. Works great in a big city, so many delivery guys.
C. Change the figures on your director's gas meter reading so his bill is huge.

D. Payroll a friendly coffee girl to make an accusation of adultery against your director - still an enforced and imprisonable offence in Korea.

E. Release a highly trained Kung-fu chimp at your hagwon. DOWNLOAD HERE

F. Set up a bilingual hate shrine website featuring a picture of your director. Circulate the address to your (former) students.

G. Hire a hit on your director through the Korean mafia. Apparently anyone with a tattoo is a gangster in Korea, so you should have no problem finding the right people.

H. Plant drugs at your Hagwon and call the police.

I.  Forcefully take payment in kind from the hagwon i.e. computers, phones, TVs, children. Helps if several of you at the same place have not been paid. We've heard of this actually working.

J. Start a flyer campaign that's guaranteed to see student numbers dwindle. iThis is illegal in Korea, so do it on the way to the airport.

K. Get your director's picture printed on a milk carton. Can be done.

L. Send some white powder in an envelope to your boss with a suitably phrased letter of discontent.

M. Have a look at this and your situation might not seem as bad. HERE

Let us know how you get on, or if you have any other suggestions:,