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If you have had a bad experience, or know of any disreputable schools in your area. Please email the details to the email address below so we can consider adding them to our blacklist.

Please try to provide as much of the following as possible:

- City and name of school and director
- School contact details (address, phone, email, web,
- Any links or email addresses that are relevant
- School business registration number (this must given by
   the school if you ask for it)
- Reason for blacklisting
- Action taken

For information as to what to do if you have a legal problem with your school, please go to links and find out more about your legal situation.

Your name will not be published. All personal details sent to us are treated in complete confidence..

If you feel that any hagwons have been unfairly included in the Blacklist, or you wish to comment on or change an entry, please see the Advice/FAQ page.

We will only include a hagwon if we can attempt to varify the information, and/or we have received a complaint from more than one source. The more details you can supply us with, the better.

We are only interested in schools that have mistreated teachers, breached the contract, or have not adhered to the labor laws. Poor organisation or a lack of resources is not a reason to blacklist a school..
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